As a young girl during the 1970s, Natalia Culish became fascinated by women’s tailored and classic attires of the early 20th century true lady. She is the third generation of manufacturing women’s tailored attires. Since the 1900s her grandmother and mother have manufactured new pieces that emulated the classic designs.

With a great legacy and history, Natalia Culish founded a boutique that manufactures and sells fashionable clothes calling it Brio. She has established Brio as a leading fashion house offering full wardrobe for all women. Her vision is to produce: Brio Ready-to-Wear for every day business attire and Brio Exclusive with a signature of luxury design favoured by stylish women.

Brio Ready-to-Wear collection offers complete wardrobe solutions for business and casual occasions which includes: formal and casual blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats.

Brio Exclusive is the line that was introduced in 2010 by Cristina Culish, the daughter of Natalia Culish, where all the fabrics are exclusively and carefully selected from famous Italian fabric suppliers. Every Brio Exclusive dress is the result of high quality materials, lots of manual work and unique and thoughtful design. It rapidly became the ultimate destination for feminine events type occasions.

At Brio we design for those who want to look effortlessly elegant and feel their best. Our collections are designed in-house with a unique handwriting that combines signature detailing with noticeable colours, distinctive prints and flattering fit. We want to empower and inspire women for a new era.

The legacy continues with Cristina Culish bringing Brio to a new level by focusing on new product and brand development. She has introduced in 2019 the Brio Like-Mother-Like-Daughter line specialising in Mother-Daughter matching outfits. It will be the new generation of clothing that will continue the legacy of Natalia Culish.


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